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General Sutter Inn Food & Wine Dinner Pairing

Sunday July 14, we had the delight of General Sutter Inn pairing our Waltz wine in a deliciously elegant wine and food pairing dinner held outside in their stone patio. We were immedietly greeted with beautiful wild flower arrangements elegantly placed around the event, warm smiles and a chilled glass of Waltz Vineyards’ Sauvignon Blanc or Moscato.

What a delicious night it was! We began our fun night outside but it was pleasantly interrupted by rain shortly after our first course. But I have to say, we were amazed at the quick and smooth transition that was made from outside to General Sutter’s elegant ballroom only several feet away.

No rain could keep us from having an amazing time of fellowship, Waltz wine and delicious food courtesy of Chef Robert Miller!


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I even had the privilege of interviewing Chef Robert Miller about how he has mastered the art of pairing food with wine and some of his favorite pairings with Waltz wine from tonights dinner!

What are the first steps when pairing food with wine?
It could be very complex or it could be very simple. It starts with understanding the notes of the wine first and what goes well with them and then going from there.

Does certain textures in food affect your choice of wine?
Not in my eyes, no. To me a salad should have a lot of different textures in it, and I’m not going to choose one wine over another just because their’s something crunchy and something not crunchy, I’m still going to pair what I think goes best with the salad. 

What was your favorite pairing of food and wine with this course?
Probably the 4th course, the cambozola cheese dessert. Because a lot of people tend to forget that in Europe a lot of times they do cheeses as a dessert course. 

Which Waltz wine were you most excited about pairing?
I think the Baron Red [3rd course] because it’s not always the one done correctly. I’ve been doing this for 49 years so you kinda know what flavors go together, that’s why I don’t feel I have to taste [the wines] all the time. 



1st Course:
We enjoyed a Chilled Gazpacho with Avocado Cream and a Grilled Shrimp, paired with our lightly oaked 2012 Old Line Chardonnay.

2nd Course:
Pancetta and Cannellini, Bean Ragu with a Crostini, paired with our tank fermented 2013 Stiegel Rose.

3rd Course:
Rack of Lamb, Rosemary Potato hash, Vegetable Medley and Lemon Thyme Jus with Balsamic Glaze perfectly paired with our smooth, Merlot/Cabernet blend – 2012 Baron Red. What I absolutely loved in this dish was how well the oakiness in the Baron complimented the baslsamic glaze with the melt in your mouth rack of lamb.

This dish was a comfort food dream at it’s finest!

4th Course:
Cambozola with Baby Arugula, Prosciutto wrapped Melon, and Local Honeycombs paired with our medium bodied, semi-sweet 2012 Barred Rock Red.