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Rosé Q&A: Jan Waltz of Waltz Vineyards explains popularity of this light, fruit-forward wine

For some, these warm summer evenings are perfect for enjoying a nice, light glass of wine on the deck.

And, while rosé wine can be enjoyed year-round with a wide variety of foods, its light, dry, fruity taste and growing popularity over the past few years make it a pleasant choice for summer sipping.

Jan Waltz, a winemaker who co-owns Waltz Vineyards and Waltz Estate Winery near Manheim with his wife, Kimberly, has been making Stiegel Rose rosé wine since 2008. It’s named after Manheim founding father Baron Henry Stiegel.

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Something to Wine About: Catching up with Waltz Vineyards


Jan and Kim Waltz have had a busy summer. They’ve hosted events, won awards and even begun designing a new store location.

And with harvest now underway, the proprietors of Waltz Vineyards, Manheim, have no plans to slow down.

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One Day Getaways: Taste of Autumn

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A Conversation with Senator Mike Brubaker on Waltz Vineyards

Grape Growing at Waltz’s Vineyard

Ready to Harvest, Lancaster Newspapers

“The reds still need to go into oak casks to age for two years, but Waltz said the vineyard will have a semi-dry Fusion white blend of Semillion, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc ready by mid-December…”

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Stiegel Rose….Not what you expect, Lancaster Newspapers

“The Waltz’s use a French technique called saignée (French for  ‘bleed’) to produce their rosé, which involves bleeding the juice off after only a few hours of contact with the grape skins. The result is a soft color and light, berry flavors…”

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Waltz’s Trio for the Table starts with Sauvignon Blanc, ends with Merlot


Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery in Lancaster County was for years a supplier of quality grapes to wineries around the region. At some point a few years ago, Kim and Jan Waltz decided to evolve from a provider to a producer, and the result has been one of this region’s big success stories…

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